bart fitzgerald | Life After the Bubble

screen shot of bart smiling into the camera during an interview

Check out the latest episode of Life After the Bubble, featuring bart fitzgerald. New episodes of Life After the Bubble will be released each month over the course of the following year. Subscribe to our YouTube page so you don’t miss a Respond to Racism video. About Life After the Bubble This series seeks to spotlight the … Read more

Isa O’Neil | Life after the Bubble

Isa talking into the camera from home.

This series seeks to spotlight the experiences of alumni and former students of color from Lake Oswego schools. “Life After the Bubble” features interviews from various students, each sharing distinct cultural experiences and reflections from their time in LO.

Cameron iizuka – Life After the Bubble

screenshot from video interview with cameron iizuka. Cameron is wearing large round glasses, wearing headphones and is talking animatedly.

The first installment of the Life After the Bubble interview series is now available. This episode features an interview with Cameron iizuka, a recent Lake Oswego High School alum. New episodes of Life After the Bubble will be released each month over the course of the following year. Subscribe to our YouTube page so you … Read more

2023 Juneteenth Celebration and LO City Hall

Please join Respond to Racism this Sunday at LO City Hall for the Lake Oswego Juneteenth Celebration. Come listen, dance, eat and help us dedicate the new mural. We’d like to make the RTR community aware of our position on the use of the term slavery. Instead of using the term “slavery”, it’s more accurate … Read more

Gloria Brown Memorial Scholarship

Gloria Brown was a woman who lived her life without boundaries, becoming the first African American woman forest supervisor at the US Forest Service and solidifying herself as a pioneer in her field. She was a champion for social and racial justice. One of her core beliefs and values was in providing opportunities to … Read more

Executive Director Search

n Respond to Racism is hiring an executive director! The ED will work with the President and n Board to establishes strategic goals, shorter-term objectives and operational plans. The ED oversees and manages implementation of the strategic plan, financial health of the organization, and policies of the Board. nn The ED inspires, guides, unites, motivates, … Read more