Gain Tools to Interrupt Racism

You’ve read a post on your friends’ feed or watched a video, and now you feel it’s time for you to learn more about how you can disrupt racism, but where do you start? Don’t worry, we’ve compiled together some of our best resources to get you started.

Bias Response Hotline


9am to 5pm Pacific time, Monday – Friday

Racial Equity Support Line

9am-5pm, weekdays

Community Initiatives

We aim to partner with projects that are helping to improve everyday life across Oregon.

Meeting Monitoring Training

Watch our meeting monitoring training video and learn how to engage with and document the happenings of Lake Oswego’s institutions.

Racism Glossaries

Many of the terms relating to racism have evolved over time. Understanding shared definitions and key terms ​​can enhance the quality of dialogue and discourse on race.

Tools for Racial Equity

Learn about racial equity and other race-related terms and concepts.

Books on Race

Take a look at our reading list and choose from some of our favorite books that cover race.

Podcasts on Race

Listen in on conversations from insightful episodes on racial matters.

Videos on Race

Sit back and watch a video from our archives that will help you get a better understanding of racism.