Community Spotlight: Tones of Change

Editor’s note: RtR is introducing a new Community Spotlight section where we’ll be regularly highlighting creative projects, especially by current and former LO students of color, that are helping advance the mission of educating and empowering our community with the tools to combat racism in all its forms and make Lake Oswego and Oregon a better place to live for people of all ethnicities. If you have tips for projects that you think should be featured in future posts, submit them to with the subject line Re: Community Spotlight.

Tones of Change is a project by Lakeridge rising senior Siena Riquelme-Cheung that highlights women of color in Lake Oswego. In addition to interviews, it includes discussions and research on stereotypes, as well as historical analysis of fashion trends and hairstyles. Check out Tones of Change!

Riquelme-Cheung is also a leader with the Lakeridge Women of Color Alliance. Learn more about their group here.